Titles like Dragon Mania Legends are the stuff casual gamers dream of. From afar, Dragon Mania Legends is deceptively simple. Available free from the Google Play Store, iTunes App Store and Windows Store, the point of Dragon Mania Legends is familiar to anyone who has ever played casual titles like Pokemon. Still, Dragon Mania Legends tips are crucial for those who hope to capture all the game’s dragons.
Here are the Dragon Mania Legends tips you need to be successful in the mythical collect-them-all adventure.

Invest in Your Farm & Dragon Island Quickly

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When you adopt a pet in life, you’re adopting a companion. You’re agreeing to feed it and take care of it in exchange for companion ship. Adopting a dragon in Dragon Mania Legends works the same way. You’ll need to pet your dragon and keep it fed to have it evolve into more advanced forms.
Right out of the gate you’re saddled with possibly three dragons, and you’ll need to pet and feed all three of them before they’re able to take on more powerful enemies. In short, you’re going to need a lot of food. Before you get too deep into the games mechanics, invest your resources in buying and building out your food farm as much as possible. Failing to do so means you could run out of cash just trying to get your dragons to the next level.

The more you upgrade your farm, the more different types of Dragon food and you get. You’ll need 10,000 coins are 21 gems to upgrade your farm. You’ll also need to be a level 8 player. Growing food will still take time, but not as much as if you ran out of coins and need more food for your dragons. To be clear, it costs coins to grow more food too, but it’s more economical than just buying it outright.

Build Out Your Team & Using Attack Types That Make Sense

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Enemy types are what makes or breaks a game like Dragon Mania Legends. It’d be too easy if there was just one attack type and one dragon type. One of the biggest Dragon Mania Legends tips I can pass on is to not think like you’re playing a dead simple combat game, because you aren’t.
In order to get through more complicated battles you’ll need to make use of different attack types and how they affect enemy dragons. Be sure to breed and explore the attacks of lots of different dragons. Gameloft says there are hundreds to collect.

Play Is Just as Important As Battling

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